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Our resident led inspection programme for 2017

Posted on 14 December 2016

Members of Hydewide Residents’ Voice, and other formal resident groups met Monday 12 December to discuss and decide which of our services should be included in the resident led inspection programme for 2017.

Delegates were presented with information and suggestions from our Business Intelligence Unit (which collects performance and resident satisfaction information) the Compliance Team and the Risk and Audit Manager.  They also received feedback from other members of staff on which services they feel would benefit from an HRE inspection.

The group also discussed Task and Finish which is an approach to scrutinising services that has been piloted this year. They talked about how this scrutiny method could be used better to compliment the HRE inspections in the New Year.

After a number of workshops, the residents decided on the following:

  • HRE inspections are to include:
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Estates management (communal cleaning and grounds maintenance)
  • Follow on works in repairs
  • Inter team working in the voids processes

Task and Finish exercises will be completed in:

  • Repairs - appointments kept
  • A review of the price per property pilot
  • Agency service management (supported housing)
  • Intensive housing management (sheltered housing)
  • Sub-contractor usage and major works over £1000
  • Task and Finish will also feed into some of the HRE inspections during the year to add a regional perspective on the services.

The next step will be to have these draft suggestions from residents approved and scoped out with the relevant staff, before inspections take place next year.