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Innovation in tenant engagement

Posted on 24 November 2016

On 23 November 2016 two of our residents, supported by members of the Resident Engagement Team, delivered a presentation at TPAS’ Innovation in Tenant Engagement event in Stockwell. TPAS are England's leading tenant engagement experts, and invited us to support them with this event on the back of us winning the TPAS Southern Award for Excellence in Digital Engagement last year.

Nearly 30 people from different organisations attended to hear about innovations from us and Family Mosaic, and to discuss what we can all do to improve how we engage with residents. Our presenters received great feedback, and will be doing further work with some of the organisations to continue to build good practice within the sector.

In January we will be carrying out an online campaign to further promote the digital engagement opportunities that our residents can take part in – including our award winning website The OAK. Watch this space!