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New ways of working in Hampshire

Posted on 23 January 2017

Connecting with our Customer Services team, the Southampton-based team is running a trial of new ways of working in the coming weeks.  The changes aim to make our services easier and quicker for customers. They will also improve the focus on making sure all services are delivered to a good standard and residents receive value for money.

In practice we are testing:

  • An office-based specialist team of Tenancy Advisors who will handle most tenancy enquiries received via our Customer Services team or online forms which will mean a quicker response for residents
  • When a situation is complex or requires a home visit, a Tenancy Manager will be allocated the case and manage it to its conclusion (please note customers will not have a named Tenancy Manager with a patch; a member of staff will be allocated as needed)
  • A named Property Manager will look after a local patch including estates and street properties. The duties we are testing here include monitoring service standards (cleaning, gardening, communal repairs, health and safety), maintaining accurate service charge information and supporting the development of new homes

At the same time, across Hyde we are introducing a specialist Antisocial Behaviour service to improve the timeliness and expertise of our response to customers experiencing problems. You can use our ASB toolkit for more information and guidance on when to contact us for help.

Contacting the local team

Customers in Hampshire do not need to do anything differently when requesting a service from us. Please contact us in the usual way from our website or telephone Customer Services on 0800 3 282 282 – the team aims to resolve most enquiries at first point of contact. If they cannot resolve your enquiry, it will be passed to a specialist officer who will respond to you.

Our repairs service is unaffected by these changes.