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Oval office - Monday 17 February

Unfortunately we have had to close our Oval office located at Alverstone House, Magee St, Oval, London SE11 5TS today. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. For any non-urgent enquiries, you can still contact us online


Tenancy fraud - how we are tackling it

Posted on 10 February 2017

In the UK it is estimated that one in a hundred, or 50,000 housing association and council properties are occupied by someone who shouldn’t be there. And this is costing us all!

The public purse is being depleted by close to £1 billion every year because councils have to put homeless families into temporary accommodation instead of into the housing they are entitled to.

We take tenancy fraud very seriously. We work hard to detect it and stamp it out.

Whenever we obtain evidence of tenancy fraud, we take firm action to regain possession of our properties, so the homes can be re-let to those in real need of housing.

Read our latest case study to find out more about how we are working hard to tackle tenancy fraud.