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Posted on 24 August 2020

Surveyors from Michael Dyson Associates will be visiting 2,500 of our homes, across all our regions, in the next few months. They will be checking the age and condition of key elements, including kitchens and bathrooms, to help us understand the overall condition of our homes and blocks.

"Surveys of our homes are carried out on a five year rolling basis. The data gathered from the surveys will be used to plan for repairs and our future investment programme, explained Jon Carpenter, Hyde’s Asset Strategist. They also help make sure our housing continues to meet the Decent Homes Standard, the Human Habitation Act and are energy efficient."

The surveyors will be carrying out about 250 surveys a week. Residents will receive a letter about two weeks before we start working in their area, asking them to book an appointment, which lasts around 20 minutes.

As ever, the safety of our customers is a top priority, so the letter also emphasises how we are following government guidance to protect you following the impact of coronavirus.

All the surveyors will carry photo ID and a letter of authority from Hyde.

The surveys kick off this week in Brighton (our surveyor is Chris), Southampton (Jeremy) and Croydon (Roland). More details of the areas that we are working in will follow as the project progresses.

For further information, please contact our Asset Management team.

Find out more about our stock condition surveys here.