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Taking care of our sheltered and supported customers

Posted on 23 July 2021

We’re excited to introduce a new telecare monitoring contract for our sheltered and supported residents to support their independent living. Our new contract is with PPP Taking Care (PPP), part of AXA Health.

Residents across 67 of our sheltered and supported schemes will have access to PPP’s highly responsive, 24-hour monitoring service.

As part of the contract, PPP will monitor over 2,300 connections for over 1,900 of our residents including pull cords, personal alarms, fall detectors, fire panels and door entry systems. Once alerted, the PPP team will promptly co-ordinate a resolution to any emergencies - from falls through to cold callers, intruders or fires - or just providing assurance when residents need to hear a friendly voice.

This new contract means that we’ve reduced our telecare monitoring suppliers from five to one, making it a more streamlined and efficient approach. The new contract will also result in cost savings.

James Barr, Hyde’s Intensive Housing Management Delivery Manager, said: “The safety and security of our residents is our utmost priority. PPP are a high-level partner, providing an average alarm call response time of just 6.2 seconds. This gives our residents and their families peace of mind and confidence that help is available when it’s needed most.”