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Posted on 25 March 2021

High security Bluetooth key safes improve building access for our contractors.

We’ve installed Bluetooth key safes at 100 of our street properties across London and Kent over the last couple of months, to improve access for contractors carrying out important safety checks and repairs in communal areas. This means keys will be available at all times, so inspections and work can be carried out as planned.

Access to the keys is controlled by a smartphone app, which means our contractors won’t waste time picking up keys from (and returning them to) one of our offices, and won’t have to ring customers’ doorbells to get into a building. We can also keep track of keys using the app, so we know who’s got them and that they’ve been put back in the key safe.

“These very secure, Police-approved Bluetooth key safes will mean our contractors will be able to get into buildings more easily, so they can carry out fire risk assessments, plus checks and repairs in communal areas, such as to emergency lighting,” explained Safer Homes Director, Liz Oliver.

In you have any questions or want to find out more, please email