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Monday 8 August
We're very sorry to residents of Morant House and Blair House, Stockwell for the current lack of water.  We're working to connect the supply as quickly as possible.  If you need additional water, please speak to the team on site. 

Reception closures

Posted on 28 January 2022

Due to the pandemic, all our receptions closed in March 2020. Following consultation with customers, we've made the decision to permanently close receptions at the following offices (and these offices will remain closed even as Covid restrictions start to ease):

  • Hillside
  • Stockwell
  • Oval
  • Chichester

Don’t worry - you'll still be able to access our services. For example, MyAccount provides you with a safe and secure platform to check your rent and service charge accounts, and to make payments at any time. You can access all our online forms and our traditional services through our Property Managers, Tenancy Officers and ASB Officers.

Since closing our reception services, we've introduced online parking services, which previously accounted for 36% of all reception visits. We're also covering income enquiries, which had counted for a further 19% of reception visits, digitally or on the phone.

Ben Bello, Head of Housing said: “We're committed to providing a full service to our customers, and our digital services give you more choice and control. We've spoken to customers and conducted a survey of our reception services. This survey highlighted that the current arrangements of delivering services online is providing you with a better service.  The survey confirmed that 81% of our customers had accessed our services without using their local reception since March 2020, or had already been doing this prior to the pandemic".

For further information, contact us