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Rapid response to customer feedback

Posted on 31 October 2019

We are introducing a faster way to act on customer feedback following a successful pilot with residents in Chichester.

Our property maintenance team carries out around 25,000 repairs every year, in more than 14,000 homes. Soon after a repair job is completed, customers will receive a text message to ask if they are satisfied with the job. If not, they are offered a call-back from the team within one working day.

We began rolling out this approach at the end of July, introducing it first to customers in Chichester. We’re gradually extending this service to make sure we have the resources to give a prompt response as we get used to new ways of working. Our plan is that all our customers will receive this service by March 2020.

This is a milestone in our modern approach to customer surveys. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our services and this initiative is just one example of us responding to feedback that our communication could be improved.

The results so far show that the feedback survey is making a real difference with more than 83% of customers responding to a text to say they are satisfied with their repair. We also found that two thirds of customers who told us they were dissatisfied by text go on to tell us they are satisfied during the telephone survey, once the repair has been closed.

Customers in Kent whose homes are repaired by Engie are now starting to benefit from this service and the next group will be customers who are looked after by Mears.

Most of our repairs run smoothly, but if they don’t this service will make it much easier for you to let us know and get a swift response. Please make sure we have an up-to-date mobile phone number for you so you can start to benefit from this service.