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Preparing for bad weather - Storm Brian

Posted on 02 February 2017

The Met Office has issued warnings to parts of Southern England with Storm Brian predicted to arrive in the UK on Saturday, bringing high winds and torrential rain for some days.

In the event that Storm Brian hits over the next couple of days, we are likely to experience a high number of calls. If this is the case we will only be taking emergency calls during this period and all other requests should be made via the online contact forms or the Hyde App. Any leaks occurring from roof damage cannot be attended to during high winds, so if the adverse weather continues, leaks will need to be contained until such time that this work can be safely carried out. If you do have an emergency please contact us. 

You can also check out our useful short films to remind yourself of what is covered under landlord repairs and what is the residents' responsibility. A reminder that we do not carry out replacement or repairs to dividing fences (the fence between you and your neighbour). Any communal fencing which is our responsibility, will need to be reported once the storm has passed, alternatively you can log this via the communal repairs form on our website

Top tips to help prepare for the bad weather

Make sure you have a working torch to hand for use in the event of any power failure. If you and your neighbours do experience a total power failure the National Grid Supplier will recover the situation, if it’s just your power failure check your fuse board to see if the fuses need to be reset.

If you have a balcony try to ensure any items for example, plant pots or furniture are secure and not resting against balcony screens. Any items that the wind can catch should be removed and placed within your property.

Secure any garden furniture and take down washing lines which might get damaged in high winds.

Check up on any elderly or vulnerable neighbours.