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Patience wins the day

Posted on 18 February 2020

Since 2017, Hyde’s antisocial behaviour (ASB) team had been receiving worrying allegations that a resident was drug dealing in the communal area of a property in Kent. This behaviour was seriously impacting on the other residents, who said they did not feel safe in their own home and their overall wellbeing was being badly affected.

The ASB team responded quickly and discovered drug paraphernalia in the communal areas of the property. During ongoing investigations neighbours shared photographs they had taken of the drug dealing taking place over a period of months. Initially, they were too frightened to make reports to support Hyde’s action to address the behaviour. 

The ASB Officer regularly visited the area to speak with residents. This included knocking on doors and completing quality of life surveys which gradually, over time, built confidence and trust until eventually the team gathered enough evidence to work with Hyde’s legal services team to take the case to court.

The matter was finally heard in court in December 2019 and due to the strong evidence, including key information from local residents the judge awarded a possession order.  The perpetrator has now been evicted and local residents are able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

Emily O’Neill, Hyde’s ASB Service Manager said, “A case like this is complex and challenging, which is why it has taken such a long time to go to court. Our main priority is the safety and wellbeing of our residents, and we work tirelessly to gather the evidence we need to be able to resolve the issue. A huge thank you to those residents for their support which secured a successful outcome for them, their families and the wider community.”