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Overcoming antisocial behaviour

Posted on 13 November 2020

Collaborative working across Hyde leads to enforcement action against abusive tenant.

At Hyde, we have a zero-tolerance approach on violence towards our colleagues. One of our Safer Homes Officers was recently subjected to abusive and threatening behaviour from a tenant, who repeatedly refused us access to their property for their annual gas safety check – something which Hyde legally has to carry out.

Our Safer Homes Officer commenced legal action and engaged with Hyde’s solicitors to rectify the situation, and served a Notice of Seeking Possession for 'No Gas Access'.

The tenant was then successfully served an injunction to allow access to their property for the gas safety check and prohibiting them from using abusive and offensive language to Hyde staff or contractors.

It was then arranged for a Hyde gas engineer to meet with a Tenancy Officer at the property. Access was allowed, and the gas safety check was finally successfully completed.

During the course of the case, our Safer Homes Officer also requested the help of our Tenancy, Successful Tenancies and Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) teams. The ASB team served a Notice of Seeking Possession on the tenant for a breach of their tenancy due to their conduct and antisocial behaviour.

The Notice of Seeking Possession warns the tenant there has been a breach of their tenancy and alerts them that any future breaches of tenancy may result in Hyde seeking possession of their property.

Craig Kendall, ASB Team Leader said: “This was an excellent piece of joint working – with Hyde teams working together to overcome antisocial behaviour. Taking swift and decisive action where there is abusive and threatening language or behaviour directed towards a Hyde employee or contractor, illustrated that this will not be tolerated, and robust action will be taken to address the situation.”

Use our ABS toolkit to work out what is and what isn't antisocial behaviour, and what steps you need to take.

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