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Our new direction and brand

Posted on 03 April 2017

Today we are proud to mark a major milestone in our 50 year history, as we launch a new direction for Hyde in our new Strategic Plan, along with a new look.

The reasoning behind this move is simple. We must continue to modernise and transform Hyde to achieve our aims. Our new vision - to provide a great home for everyone – will guide everything we do.

We know that Hyde cannot do this on its own. The housing crisis in London and the South East of England is a huge and longstanding problem, which will only be solved if we all play our part and all work together, with everyone from residents through to charities. Underpinning this vision is our new mission, to give people a roof over their head so they can make a home. For example, we want to provide all our customers with simple, easy to use landlord services.

Images speak louder than words, so please watch our short video, all about our exciting new vision and mission, ready for the challenge of the next 50 years.

For more information about the rebrand, please read our Q&As below.

Will the Hyde Group remain as my landlord?

Yes, the Hyde Group is still your landlord. We haven’t changed our name, only our logo and corporate colours.

What happens to Hyde New Homes and Hyde Plus?

Our sales and marketing specialist, Hyde New Homes, keeps the same name, but changed its logo to reflect that its part of the Hyde family.

The Hyde Plus team rebranded to form the Hyde Foundation giving more clarity on our work in this area.  Hyde Charitable Trust is part of the Foundation.

The Hyde Foundation will work with vulnerable people to sustain their tenancies, as well as pre-empting wider community issues and addressing them before they become a problem. Colleagues at the Foundation will take care of the complications that can and do arise, allowing the core business to run day to day activities in as streamlined, efficient a way as possible.

Why rebrand now?

The work we did last year, as part of the proposed merger, gave us an opportunity to take a good look at where we were going as an organisation.

The message we received – from our residents, partners and staff – is that we are doing great work, but our future direction and core purpose wasn’t crystal clear. The rebrand has helped to give clarity to our vision, so we can unite behind one direction, providing a clear focus for all staff and help us deliver better services to our residents. 

How expensive was the rebrand?

To ensure the best possible value for money, as a general rule, we are moving over to the new logo as and when items needed replacing. This phased approach ensures that we minimise costs.

For the launch, we rebranded online areas like the website, but more expensive items like uniforms and vehicles, will only be updated with the new logo when required.

This helped keep our costs in line with what other not-for-profit organisations spend on rebranding and also ensured we minimise waste. Hyde’s values set out the way we conduct ourselves as an organisation and have always been important to us.

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