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Our Housing Management Strategy – one year on

Posted on 08 December 2021

We launched our Housing Management Strategy one year ago. The strategy outlines our aims and ambitions across all of our resident services, and ties in with government’s Social Housing White Paper. The strategy highlights how we want to ensure that we are involving customers in decision making about their homes and estates, giving them control of the services they receive. It focuses on tackling social housing stigma, and keeping customers safe in decent and energy-efficient homes, in places where our customers want to live.

So, what have we achieved one year on and how have we worked with and listened to our customers to improve their services? Here are some highlights:

In the past year:

  • Residents were involved in an exercise to understand what they wanted from new grounds and cleaning contracts. Surveys were sent to customers and feedback received from 1,445 residents, which formed the basis of our next stage of consultation.

  • Under the strategy’s Home Ownership theme, we created an easy to understand customer leaflet, explaining the Section 20 process, what it means for customers and what they can do next to get further information. In September 2021, this was emailed to 32,000 residents who receive service charge statements.

  • Under the Sheltered Housing theme, we engaged with customers across different housing schemes. This has built a positive dialogue with them to draw out the major frustrations they have had with the services delivered to them in the past. This positive engagement will allow us to hear any difficult feedback and turn that into a positive action plan for improvement in areas where they are most needed.

We have also:

  • Installed new warden call equipment in our sheltered schemes which replaced older equipment that was prone to failure and had become costly to maintain. Not only have the units been replaced, but they have been upgraded to futureproof them for digital telecoms switchover, stopping the need for further upgrades (and associated costs) to the equipment in the future.

  • Started developing a Customer Charter. This documented approach will set out the expectations customers have of Hyde. It will help ensure that requests from customers are responded to, alongside how our services are ultimately delivered alongside the training and attitude of staff.

  • Helped improve customer mobility, making the best use of our homes. We launched Hyde’s Jigsaw home moving platform in February, helping our objective of giving customers a long-term choice over the homes they live in, at different points of their time with us.

David Hunter, Director of Resident Services said: “What we've achieved in the past year really is incredible – particularly as it was during the pandemic, where there's been unprecedented demand on services. It highlights that our customers are at the heart of Hyde - we’re ensuring that residents in social housing are safe, are listened to, live in good quality homes and have a voice when things go wrong.

“But this is just the beginning. For years two and three we want to be showing that we're a modern landlord of choice for our customers, giving them true choice over where they live, and co-designing the services they receive from us. As the strategy continues to be delivered, we’ll continue to make improvements across all of these areas, delivering real benefits to customers in their daily lives.”

Read our Housing Management Strategy (PDF, 2.7MB) to find out more.