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MyAccount goes from strength to strength

Posted on 23 November 2020

Hyde’s first customer-driven digital service now has over 5,000 customers.

Our safe and secure online service, MyAccount enables customers to manage their own rent account anytime, anywhere. They can view their balance and download their statements, pay their bill online and update their details 24/7, without making a single phone call to us.

The service which was launched earlier this year has received positive feedback from customers:

“I tried the new online account and I thought it was really easy and simple to use. It’s so good to see your account activity easily.”

Hyde customer Abdi Miad explains how MyAccount is making a big difference to how he manages his tenancy:

“My Welfare Benefits Advisor, Catherine told me about MyAccount and helped me with the registration. She showed me how I could check my statement and update my information. MyAccount is quite easy to use but I do need some extra support to understand some of the bills shown on my statement.

“It’s great that I’m now able to check my statement for updates at any time of the day. I can make sure I’ve received my Universal Credit payments and my rent payments have been made which is really useful. I’m deaf and before MyAccount I had to keep on checking with Hyde which obviously took me some time, but now I can do this myself. My confidence in using MyAccount is growing each time I use it, but I also know if I’m unsure of anything or have an issue I can contact Hyde and they will help.”

Susan Stockwell, Chief Customer Officer said: “MyAccount was built in collaboration with customers and employees, demonstrating our Customer Strategy in action. Our customers told us to focus on three key themes - they wanted us to listen to them, empower them and improve their services which is certainly what MyAccount is helping us to do.

“The introduction of MyAccount marks the start of a new way of developing services with our customers and for our customers. We’ve still got lots to do so our customer experience lives up to our Customer Strategy and Strategic Plan, but this is a great step forward.”

Find out more about MyAccount and register for your account today.