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Introducing our Energy and Sustainability Strategy

Posted on 19 January 2021

Our Energy and Sustainability Strategy (PDF, 2MB) sets out how we will improve our energy and environmental performance from 2020 to 2022 and has been developed to support our Asset Management Strategy (PDF, 8MB).

Luke Driscoll, Director of Asset Management said: “By reducing the carbon emissions of our new and existing homes, as well as our operations, we can improve the health and financial wellbeing of our customers. As a result, we can then deliver even greater social value. We also know that climate change risks such as overheating, flood and water scarcity will be more prevalent in the future. Our Energy and Sustainability Strategy is the driver to start how we will shape our future to achieve net zero carbon by 2050.”

The strategy highlights how our approach to reducing carbon emissions from our homes will be prioritised as:

  • Improving the fabric of our buildings to reduce heat demand
  • Introducing low carbon heating systems
  • Producing low carbon electricity
  • Offsetting any remaining carbon emissions that cannot be reduced

Luke explained: “Our Energy and Sustainability Strategy is a two year plan. We’ll use it to improve our data, produce further evidence of our climate change risks, plan our energy investment programmes and look to reduce the carbon from our operations. It is essential for us to engage with our customers to understand their needs throughout planning. By 2022 we’ll have a targeted plan for delivering large scale carbon reduction to 2050.”

Other key issues to be addressed as part of this strategy include the skills needed to build, improve and maintain low carbon homes, our need to develop new build and investment standards for low carbon homes and the research and development of innovative new technologies.

See our Environmental credentials and read the full Energy and Sustainability Strategy (PDF, 2MB) to find out more.