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Hyde Rewards - what would you do with £500?

Posted on 09 July 2018

A day out for lucky winner Mrs Webb

Mrs Webb of Chichester was a lucky Hyde Rewards winner earlier this year, taking the first prize of £500 in our fortnightly draw, simply by following the terms of her tenancy.

Mrs Webb has been a Hyde resident for seven years and loves her bungalow on the outskirts of Chichester. “Winning was simply wonderful,” she beams. “£500 is a lot of money and I was able to treat my family to a day out in Portsmouth.”

“I took my great grandson and his parents on a boat trip around the harbour and we had a lovely lunch,” she says. “They don’t live close by and I don’t get out very often now due to poor health, so it was a really special day with them that I will treasure.”

Find out more on our Hyde Rewards page.

How would you spend £500?

At our recent Hyde Young People's Experience (HYPE) day we asked young residents what they would do if they received a windfall with Hyde Rewards.  Here are some of their responses:

"With £500 I would save and invest" Callum.

"I'd put the £500 towards university" Jessie. 

"I would help people in other countries who can't pay for their education" Christina.

If you fancy being our next £500 winner with Hyde Rewards, you can do so simply by following the basic terms of your tenancy agreement with us. Hyde Rewards is open to all tenants right now. Take the first step by updating your contact details with us today.