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Housing Enforcers - powerful stories

Posted on 24 March 2017

Housing Enforcers - powerful stories  showcasing the hard work and dedication of staff

Throughout March a number of our housing officers featured in the latest series of the BBC’s Housing Enforcers, coordinated with production company Four Two.

The programme which is in its fourth series started on the 27 February and focused on the human cost of Britain’s housing crisis. Consumer champion and host Matt Allwright joined frontline housing workers  from across the country, including some of our staff to film the issues these officers face on a day to day basis.

“Over the summer last year we filmed with a large number of staff in all areas of the business, from Peterborough to Southampton. The programme looked at issues like hoarding, overcrowding, ASB, tenancy fraud, illegal subletting and fly tipping,” said Hyde Group Director of Housing Carol Carter.

“I am very proud of all the staff who came forward to showcase our work and represent Hyde. We have shown some powerful stories and the caring, professional and skilled way our staff tackled a range of housing-related issues has been hugely positive.”

Pauline Cusack, Hyde Housing Officer in Peterborough said: “I was pleased to be involved in the Housing Enforcers series, because I think it shows the lengths those that work in housing will go to in order to help residents maintain their tenancies. I don’t like to be filmed so I was really apprehensive at first but I’m glad I did it because I wanted to show that as Housing Officers, we really do care for our residents and will do everything we can to help.”

If you missed this series you can catch up on BBC IPlayer.