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Home safety week 2019

Posted on 03 October 2019

This year’s Home Safety Week is focusing on the importance of installing smoke detectors and alarms. 

“Most homes have at least one smoke alarm, but as people now have large numbers of gadgets and appliances, having one or two alarms may not be enough,” said Jake Le Page, Interim Head of Hyde’s Building Safety Taskforce

“Home Safety Week is a great opportunity to remind everyone, not just Hyde residents, that at least one smoke alarm should be fitted on every floor and, ideally, additional alarms should be placed in those parts of a home used the most such as a heat detector in a kitchen. This is the approach we take when fitting detectors in our homes. And of course, all alarms and detectors need to be checked regularly.” 

Home Safety Week is organised by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) and runs from 30 September to 6 October. 

“This year’s event also coincides with UN’s International Day of Older Persons,” Jake added. “So, not only are we are taking the opportunity to work with local communities, our partners and contractors to promote fire safety to residents, we also have a particular focus on those – including older residents – that need additional support.” 

When it comes to domestic smoke detectors, the NFCC recommends:

  • Ensuring there are smoke alarms in your home – not just on every floor, but in rooms used the most
  • Replacing alarms after 10 years
  • Being alert to alarms – don’t ignore them (even if they are not your own alarm!) 

If Hyde residents have any queries about alarms or detectors in their home, they should contact us at