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Grounds maintenance and cleaning on our estates

Posted on 01 December 2016

Our new cleaning and gardening contracts are now all in place.

We’ve made these changes because we want all our residents to enjoy a high standard of service and improved value for money.  Read what one resident has to say about improved services at her scheme.

The new contracts provide:

  • Common specifications:  with fewer contractors, well-managed contracts and clear landlord responsibility.
  • Value for money:  through competitive pricing and procurement, quality management, landlord delivered services and clear, accurate service charges.
  • More for Hyde residents:  through involvement in buying services and ongoing scrutiny and in ‘social value’ from contracts in the form of environmental improvements and skills training.

We were spending over £5 million per annum providing these services to 28,000 homes and about 60,000 residents; overall we will now achieve savings of more than 15% every year. This means residents will enjoy direct benefits from this new arrangement.

We worked with 92 suppliers, but now have contracts with seven. This means better contract management and much improved partner relationships, sharing of best practice and maintaining high standards of service.

There will be real opportunities for residents to be involved in providing feedback about new services.