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Edna gives customer the perfect Christmas gift

Posted on 24 December 2020

Thanks to Edna from our Successful Tenancies Team, one of our customers has received the perfect Christmas gift – a £20,000 backdated Housing Benefit payment.

In October 2020 Edna quickly responded to a referral regarding a Hyde resident, who had arrears of £17k.

Our customer is classed as ‘vulnerable’ with high support needs. They were unable to manage their own finances and under the care of statutory services.

In March 2019 our customer’s Housing Benefit and Employment Support Allowance were suspended, meaning that no payments were being made on the rent account. Sadly, the statutory services in place had been unable to support our customer to resolve the benefit claim.

Due to a misunderstanding, it was believed that our customer had moved home. Our customer’s vulnerabilities meant that they were not able to respond to letters, leading to their Housing Benefit and Employment Support Allowance claim being stopped.

Edna successfully contacted the local authority benefits team and was able to get the Housing Benefit not only reinstated, but backdated from February 2019 – a total of £20,051.52.

Leila Dottin, Senior Advisor in our Successful Tenancies team said: “Edna is an extremely experienced advisor who has built up excellent working relationships with local authorities. Thanks to her quick thinking and determination, our customer not only received a backpayment, but should now be able to maintain their tenancy.”

Our customer’s sister has thanked Edna, and said: “Thank you Edna. I’m so pleased you have been able to get my sister the support and help she needs, when other services had been unable to.”

Edna has now passed the case onto our Tenancy Sustainment Specialists, who are working with social services to ensure our customer receives the appropriate support to be able to maintain their tenancy.

Edna was a finalist in the recent Housing Heroes awards for her ability to go above and beyond, consistently delivering positive outcomes for those in need.