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Don't forget to get your boiler serviced

Posted on 14 September 2020

"This is the tenth annual Gas Safety Week and we’re getting involved again as it's a great opportunity to remind everyone – and not just our residents – just how important it is to make sure their boiler is serviced regularly,” explained Head of Heating, Mark Hutchison.

Like all landlords, we're required by law to service boilers in our rented homes every year and to provide a Gas Safety Certificate to tenants. But shared owners, leaseholders and all homeowners, should also ensure their boilers are serviced annually.

“Getting a gas boiler serviced every year is a bit like getting a car serviced,” Mark said. “You wouldn’t drive your car without getting the brakes checked, exhaust tested and the oil changed regularly, to make sure it is running safely and reliably. Getting your boiler checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer will help keep it running properly and keep you and your neighbours safe.

“I know that it is a difficult time at the moment and people may not want engineers in their homes. But gas safety doesn’t stop. Registered engineers will follow the latest COVID-19 government guidance and wear face coverings and PPE as necessary. Your wellbeing is their priority.”

Hear from Lead Gas Operative, Brian Armstrong on the measures we're taking to keep staff and customers safe during the pandemic.

The benefits of boiler servicing

  • Safety: Appliances that burn wood or fossil fuels (such as natural gas) can produce poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) if they are not working properly.
  • Fewer breakdowns: All the main boiler components are checked for wear and tear during the service and replaced if necessary. This means the boiler is less likely to break down when needed most, particularly during the winter.
  • Efficiency: A well-maintained and regularly serviced boiler will work more efficiently, using less fuel and reducing energy bills.

What happens at a boiler service

The engineer will first check that the boiler and pipework are installed and positioned correctly, before removing the boiler casing to confirm everything is working safely and efficiently. They will then clean the components. If the boiler does not meet building regulations and safety legislation, or needs repairing, they must explain this to the resident.

“Gas servicing must be carried out by registered Gas Safe engineers, who are the only people legally allowed to work on gas appliances,” Mark said. “You can find local registered engineers, and check the registration of engineers visiting your home, at the Gas Safe register website.”