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Dealing with home emergencies

Posted on 29 October 2021

Dealing with an unexpected home emergency can be both worrying and time-consuming, so we’ve created a new Emergency Repairs toolkit on our website to help customers understand more about emergency repairs and how to report them.

Interim Chief Property Officer, Mark Batchelor, said: “The new toolkit will save customers time, by explaining what we consider to be an emergency repair, and signposting them to the right place to get help. It also advises what we need to know when customers report an emergency, so we don’t have to call them back to get more information.

“We’ve also included ‘help us fix it faster’ tips to help speed up the process, so we can ensure whoever’s coming to fix the issue is fully-prepared, with the right tools and materials.”

The new toolkit, which builds on the success of our ASB toolkit, is really easy to use, and works on any mobile device or laptop. We’ve already had great feedback from customers, such as: “It’s so useful to be able to click through the toolkit and find clear information about emergency repairs – and what to do in each case. It will definitely save time, and I love the ‘fix it faster’ tips – they’re very good.”

Mark added: “The toolkit covers the most common issues reported to us by customers, such as water leaks and issues with heating, hot water and electrics. However, it’s just a guide, and if customers need help with an issue that isn’t covered, or require extra support – for example due to disability, illness or age – then we’d like them to contact us.”

Take a look at the Emergency Repairs toolkit.

What’s an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is one affecting a customer’s health and safety or one that could cause significant damage to the home, if it isn’t dealt with. In an emergency, our first priority is to make everything safe, and a full repair will then be booked in for a later date.