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Day in the life

Posted on 25 November 2019

Property Manager Edward Bangura is responsible for four estates in north London. The estates are a mixture of newly built estates and ex-local authority properties.

Edward joined Hyde in 2017, after nine years in the building surveying team at Southwark Borough Council.

“I’ve been working as a Property Manager for nearly two years now, and no two days are the same. My role is very interactive. I work with colleagues across the business with a common goal to help our customers. I monitor the services delivered to my estates, to make sure that residents receive good quality services on their blocks and estates.

“Every month I carry out scheduled estate inspections – the frequency of these can vary, depending on the needs of the building and my residents. During my inspections I identify health and safety concerns, check the performance of our cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors and post inspect repairs, as well as check that the fire alarms, lifts and lights are all working correctly. I ensure that I deal with any problems raised by residents and colleagues. The issues range from parking, building defects, internal communal faults, repairs including fire alarm panels, door entry systems and cleaning and grounds maintenance to service charge costs and calculations.”

Edward added that outside of formal inspections, he also carries out ad hoc estate walkabouts. “Particularly when there is a complaint, I go through the building from top to bottom and check for any maintenance issues. This could result in a number of actions, from booking in repairs, making amendments to contractor costs, to arranging another visit from the contractor to make sure all work is carried out to a good standard.” he explained.

“While I usually work between 9-5, when there is an emergency out of hours I am often the face of the organisation. I also attend meetings with residents to address any issues or concerns and to hear their views about their communal services. These are often arranged in the evening to allow everyone to attend.”

Packington has a Regeneration Board who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the regeneration in the area has met the needs of residents. They also have a Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) who are the voice of all the residents. It’s great that residents have a lot of opportunity to shape their services.” he said.

He added that it was important for him to be on site in person and to make himself known to residents, so they know who they are working with. “I aim to be approachable, so residents feel they can talk to me about their issues – whatever they may be.”

“I get the most satisfaction when residents are happy with Hyde’s services. For example, Packington residents recently praised the estate cleaning and caretakers for their hard work, which was great to hear.

“The high point of any day on the estate is when I'm able to resolve residents’ issues. This could be an outstanding repair but can be pretty much anything, such as the time when I met a wheelchair user who could not get downstairs because the lift was broken. I stopped what I was doing to help him get down safely.

“If someone asks for help, I won’t ignore them; I’ll try and give advice, lend a hand or arrange to have the problem sorted.”

“It’s about doing the little things to build good relationships, like knocking on older residents’ doors when I’m walking the estate. I like to show residents that I’m not just there to do estate inspections but that I care about their wellbeing.”