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Coronavirus and ASB

Posted on 23 March 2020

With more and more people self-isolating, people working from home and children now off school, we’d like to take this opportunity to encourage patience and tolerance in the current circumstances.

Please take a look at our top tips for reducing noise in your home and continue to be considerate of your neighbours at this time.

There could be more noise than you normally hear as more people will be at home during the day time – this could be DIY, music, and children playing inside and outside their homes.

Please remember that some noise, such as from children playing, would generally not be classed as antisocial behaviour (ASB). For more detailed advice on what is and isn’t classed as ASB, please refer to our online ASB toolkit and get advice on what you can do to try and resolve the problem yourself in the first instance.

We would suggest you make use of our ‘Dear Neighbour’ card as a way of getting in touch with neighbours. At the moment, these cards are a better way of communicating with neighbours, as they may be self-isolating.

If the behaviour is persistent* during the day or during the night-time**, and you do not feel safe approaching your neighbour, or you have tried and the situation has not improved, please complete our diary sheets with dates and times of the incidents.

*'Persistent' means the disturbance lasts for continuous periods of over 30 minutes a day for at least 5 days within one week.

**Night-time – after 11pm and before 7am.

You can report an instance of ASB online or by e-mailing