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Check your home is safe

Posted on 11 June 2021

London Fire Brigade (LFB) has launched an online checklist which allows you to identify fire hazards at home.

Home fire safety checkerThe Home Fire Safety Checker (HFSC) allows you to receive tailored advice based on your building, guiding you around the rooms of your home to help you identify any risks and hazards.

The tool allows you to carry out a thorough check of your home in only a few minutes. It’s simple and practical – giving specific advice for your family and your home. The checker will then signpost you to book an in-person visit if any significant risks are raised.

LFB's Deputy Commissioner, Richard Mills, said: “This checker isn’t just about clicking boxes - we hope it will really make people think about the potential fire hazards in each room of their home and feel like they have taken action to make them and their families as safe as they can be.”

The HFSC is another measure which LFB has introduced to encourage people to do all they can to identify fire hazards at home, as well as what to do in the event of an emergency.