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Changing our approach to maintaining our homes

Posted on 14 June 2021

We’re introducing a new approach to how we maintain our homes, enabling us to plan and programme major external works and improvements up to five years ahead.

Work will be based upon stock condition surveys, which are also carried out on a five year cycle. We won’t replace things that are in good condition, however old they are; this will mean some things will last longer than expected – and of course, some won’t last as long as we thought.

The major works programme doesn’t cover building safety work or mechanical and engineering works, which we manage separately.

“While previously we only published our plans for the year ahead, customers will now be able to find out when major external works and improvements, such as windows and doors, and roofs, are planned for their home, up to five years in advance,” explained Head of Asset Management Anna Austin.

Decoration of communal areas will now be planned over seven years.

“Of course, there will be times when we simply can’t wait to carry out improvements,” Anna added. “In these cases, we’ll inspect homes to see what work needs doing and carry it out on a case-by-case basis.”

We’ve published our plans by postcode and local authority, on the major projects page of our website.

We’ve also updated our Major works and Section 20 page, explaining the Section 20 consultation process for homeowners and what works are covered.

The planned maintenance page has also been revamped, with information about how we replace kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows, and the choices customers have, through the Hyde Quality Standard.