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A home in time for Christmas

Posted on 21 December 2021

Our Lettings team helped give Jane and her family a safe home of their own for Christmas.

This Christmas, one family will be sitting by the tree together, on a festive day that will feel very different to last year. Jane and her son Paul (24) have been through a lot over the last 18 months, but have found themselves in a new home in time for Christmas.

Until July 2020, Jane was living a normal life with Paul. The problems started when a new neighbour moved in next door. Over the next few days, as well as general anti-social behaviour, Jane could hear animal abuse in the garden. It got so bad that she felt it necessary to intervene.

This was the beginning of 18 months of abuse, threats and victimisation. This included smashing windows in her home, blocking in her car and constant verbal abuse. The fire brigade sealed up her letter box as she was being threatened with petrol bombing. She received various death threats and threats of sexual violence. There were rumours and lies about her spread around, convincing all the neighbours in her close to join in the constant abuse. Jane and her son were under constant threat.

Jane became so scared for her and her son that she asked for help from the police, who advised her not to stay there anymore. Unfortunately, the police couldn’t do any more as they didn’t have any evidence.

Eventually Jane felt that her and her son had no choice but to leave the home. She spent the next eight months staying with friends. In March, she was told the situation had quietened, and she could return to her home. However, it quickly became clear that she was not welcome, and the abuse continued. She left again.

Jane then decided to take matters into her own hands and searched online for a way out. She registered and searched on local council bidding websites.

The first home she bid on was a Hyde home and to her delight, it was awarded to her. She moved into her new home this month – just in time for Christmas.

She said: “When I went to the house for the first time, I met with Michelle, Empty Homes and Lettings Advisor for Hyde. As soon as I walked in, I just looked at my son, and burst out crying as I couldn’t believe that I actually had a new home of my own.

“I didn’t want my family and friends to know how down I had been. This is a new beginning for me and my son – that abuse is all behind me. I can invite my grandchildren over and it feels like a total weight off my shoulders.

“My new home is in a lovely and quiet little village which I am looking forward to exploring. I can’t wait for Christmas – I can put a Christmas tree up and do some proper cooking. All my six grandchildren are coming to me for Christmas. Thank you Hyde.”

We couldn’t be more happy for Jane and her family. She’s had a terrible experience over the past two years but it’s just wonderful to see the situation resolved, and even better, in time for Christmas.

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