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'Hidden Stonebridge' installation transforms the Hub

Posted on 21 April 2016

On 15 April The Hub at Hillside was transformed with lights and photography at the start of a two week installation highlighting the stories of local people. The new look Hub raises the profile of local people and is designed to make residents think about the stories behind the people they see around Stonebridge.

Local Councillors, residents and staff all attended to see the new look community centre first hand; a reporter from the Brent and Kilburn Times also attended.

Designer and artist Julie Howell chose Stonebridge as the subject of her masters in narrative design at Central St Martins, and spent six months talking to mainly elderly residents about how they felt about living in Stonebridge and what stories they could tell of their lives.

Julie came up with the idea of a ‘People Library’ a space designed to let residents and visitors find out about the rich and varied lives of the people of Stonebridge and allow them to contribute too.

The first stage, unveiled on Friday 15 April, was a remarkable transformation of The Hub.  Julie filled the front windows with nine photographs and stories of residents and hung lighting and pictures of other residents and staff in the entrance hall. Poetry written by a resident published poet was projected onto the walls of the centre.

The next stage will be to gather resident feedback on plans for a people library at the Hub.

This project is part of the Hyde Plus programme in Stonebridge,  focused on improving employment opportunities for local people, engaging young people and tackling isolation in the older population.

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