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Fire safety news update

Posted on 02 August 2017

Resident safety is our highest priority and we continue to work in partnership with the Fire Service and independent fire safety experts to ensure we keep you safe. Thank you for your patience and cooperation whilst we continue to review fire safety in your buildings.

In line with DCLG guidance on tall buildings over six storeys with cladding, we have undertaken tests to the fabric of some of our buildings. Very few of our buildings contain high risk materials and where required we have introduced a 24/7 safety warden patrol. They act as an early warning system and ensure communal areas and exits are free from obstructions. We will only remove the safety warden patrol when we are confident that other measures are in place to ensure residents safety and when this is supported by fire service advice.

We have carried out further internal investigations in those buildings that have been identified as high risk and we are now awaiting results and professional advice as to the next steps we should take. We will update affected residents in writing as soon as we have news.

Where buildings do not belong to us, we are working closely with the landlord to ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to ensure resident safety. We are communicating with residents to keep them informed.

As we deal with the highest risk buildings we will move on to more detailed surveys of all tall buildings. This will include inspecting the construction of the buildings in order to satisfy ourselves and our residents that they are as safe as they can be.

As advised by the London Fire Brigade and other Fire & Rescue Services, ‘stay put’ remains our policy in the event of a fire within high rise buildings. You are advised to familiarise yourselves with the specific information provided in your buildings and to follow these directions. Please remain vigilant of your immediate environment; check smoke alarms in your home are working and keep all doorways and stairwells free from obstruction.

If you have any specific concerns please contact us.

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