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Grenfell Tower, West London

Posted on 20 June 2017

We continue to hold all those affected by the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower in our thoughts and extend our sincere sympathies.

We are progressing the inspection of blocks of six storeys or more and aim to complete this by the end of next week. We have identified all high rise blocks with fitted cladding as a result of a refurbishment and those with cladding from new. These properties will be subject to a more in-depth inspection and, where required, we will test the cladding to ensure that it is safe.  

We have also reviewed our fire risk assessments. We build to a high quality standard and in line with current building regulations. We remain confident that our high rise properties will perform as they are designed to do; contain and prevent the spread of fire. We continue to work closely in partnership with the London Fire Brigade to ensure safety of residents stay firmly at the top of our priorities.

In line with current advice from the London Fire Brigade, Chief Fire Officers Association and other Fire & Rescue Services, the 'stay put' policy remains central to safety directions in the event of a fire within high rise buildings, and we would ask that residents familiarise themselves with the information provided in their blocks. Any resident with a specific concern can contact us.

We are also reviewing details of cladding on all our high rises and are committed to working with the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to address findings with respect to current regulations or possible regulatory changes.

Further fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade is available on their website.

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