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Transform where you live with Spacehive

Posted on 17 February 2017

Do you have an idea to improve your community and make your area an even better place to live in?

As a housing association, our residents are at the heart of what makes each Hyde neighbourhood a home, and rather than choose for you what should be created in your communities, we want to hear from you about what would make it an even better place to live. We are working with Spacehive to give you a place to display your exciting, crowd-funded projects and we will help promote the best.

Projects on Spacehive at the moment include outdoor gym equipment in Fernhurst, West Sussex, an air pump and repair station for cyclists in south Bermondsey, and play equipment, benches and a picnic table in Brighton.

So whatever your idea – big or small - we want to hear it!

Visit Spacehive and upload your idea. Then email us to develop your idea and start the campaign to get your community behind you. Get as many people as you can to “like” the project or make a pledge of as little as £2 and if you meet your funding goal, your project, with Hyde’s support, can become a reality!

We are looking for projects which improve the built environment.

It's important to us that everyone living in Hyde feels like they have a voice in how we improve our shared spaces which is why we want to hear from you about what would make your neighbourhood even better. So visit Spacehive today to find out more and support projects in your area.