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Lacy House residents raise money for local nurses

Posted on 12 April 2021

Lacy House is a large block of 65 sheltered and supported flats in Chichester, where all residents live independently.

Eldest Lacy House resident, Marion Price, celebrated her 99th birthday in February. To mark this milestone, she wanted to do something positive during the pandemic for all the nurses at St. Richard’s Hospital, Chichester. 

Residents Val Russell and Maggie Noyce immediately got to work and organised collecting donations. In the first week alone, they collected an incredible £269 from residents.

To put the money to best use, the residents asked the nurses what they would most benefit from. They then delivered nine carrier bags of treats to the nurses, which included fruit along with masks and tubes of handcream. They then delivered a further 30 small gift bags each containing a pocket handcream, a lip balm and a handmade face mask.

Not stopping there, the residents then decided to donate Easter eggs to the Children's ward and to children who had to visit the A&E department over the Easter period.

Val Russell said: “This worthwhile cause all stemmed from Marion’s wish to help nurses in our local hospital – and all Lacy House residents wanted to get involved. It boosts the morale of not only the nurses, but all members of staff who have enjoyed the treats.

“With donations still coming in from residents, we will continue to donate treats. I have really enjoyed using my time in a positive way during the pandemic, together with other residents, who have contributed with ideas and mask making, and of course all the monetary donations. This has been a great success and we have received many thank you cards from nurses at the hospital.”

Residents have already raised nearly £700. Well done Marion for such a brilliant idea and great work Team Lacy House!