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It's Youth Work Week

Posted on 03 November 2021

This Youth Work Week (1-7 November 2021) we're sharing some of the brilliant work that we do, along with our partners, to make young people’s lives in our communities, that much better.

Youth Work Week is an annual week-long celebration, organised by the National Youth Agency. Here’s a snapshot of some of the amazing work that our community partners do:

Abdi Farah, founder of Connect Stars, Brent

Abdi has led on outreach work, engaging over 2,000 young people, 7 days a week, throughout the pandemic. Brent was one of the boroughs hit the hardest by Covid, with some of the highest infection and mortality rates. Abdi has been at the front of the community response.

He has also led on summer and half term support for over 200 young people per day and also offers employability support.

He initiated CALM (Collective Ambitious Leadership Movement), a youth leadership project, working in partnership with Catalyst. The project works across Stonebridge and Church Road, addressing long standing differences and conflicts between the two areas.

Recognising all his hard work and his ‘superb’ and tireless efforts over the pandemic, Abdi was nominated in the Room 4 Young People awards, and is a national finalist in the ‘Superb Staff’ category.

Youth Advice Centre (YAC), Brighton

The centre delivers advice, support and guidance to young people in Brighton and Hove – supporting over 400 young people. YAC workers offer expertise in a wide range of areas including housing, employment, wellbeing and sexual health.

Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, Petworth, Chichester

The centre delivers youth activities for young people, between the ages of 5 and 19. As well as delivering online activities, the centre also offers activities focusing on sport, art, building racing cars and bike riding. The summer programme delivered over 200 sessions for young people.

Brighton Table Tennis

Working in partnership with Sports England, this project not only delivers table tennis sessions to young people in Brighton, but helps support young people with disabilities. The project also uses table tennis as a vehicle to tackle ASB.

Islington - Prospex

Prospex is a local youth charity, helping young people tackle underlying social issues, with positive projects and training. It offers outreach, sports and centre-based activities for young people aged 11-24.

Prospex also offers community projects, including Kitchen Social, which has 60 food hubs across London.

In partnership with Hyde and Southern Housing, Prospex also leads weekly outreach sessions for young people. Prospex engages with young people on estates to support their needs, signpost them to local opportunities and encourage them to reach their potential. This could be through sports, further education, enhanced employment opportunities or by just having someone to talk to.

Safia Noor, Hyde’s Successful Places Programme Manager, said: “Our youth work partners work with hundreds of young people in our communities. Their work ranges from providing life skills and progression opportunities and mentoring support to creating safe spaces for young people to make friends and build trusted relationships with people and other services.

“Our partners empower young Hyde residents so their voices are heard and their contributions in civil society are recognised.  Their work is simply changing young people’s lives. On behalf of Hyde, I would like to thank them for their incredible work, expertise and dedication.”