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Improving lives and communities through our fundraising

Posted on 05 February 2021

The Hyde Foundation team have exceeded all expectations with their fundraising this year.

Many of the essential services that support our customers and communities can only be done through our fundraising. Having set ourselves a target to raise £350,000 for Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT), Hyde Foundation and our community partners this financial year, we have already secured commitments of £740,000.

We fundraise in different ways to ensure we maximise investment in our customers and communities. We do this to:

  • bring additional funds into the HCT that we can use to directly support our customers and communities through our grants programme
  • fund specific projects we deliver through Hyde Foundation
  • fund our partners who are delivering essential services in our communities for our customers
  • secure cash donations from the Social Value Vault to support the work of Hyde Foundation and other teams supporting our customers.

Read on for a snapshot of some of the funders we are working with, and the projects and programmes that we can deliver and support.

Successful Places

We have already secured £460,000 which is being used to directly support projects in our communities including:

  • Estate of Mine – jointly funded by HCT, Battersea Power Station Foundation, the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund and Optivo Housing. The programme is building safer, healthier futures in Lambeth by creating long-term projects that are inter-connected to improve the lives of young people, their families and the wider community.
  • Chichester Social Prescribing – jointly funded by HCT, Chichester District Council and the NHS, the project supports people tackling key barriers such as mental health issues, benefit support, rural isolation, unemployment and food poverty.

Social Value

Our supply chain partners have pledged cash donations totalling £62,000 so far this year. Thanks to our Social Value team, projects include:

  • Christmas Smiles - £11,000 was donated to our most vulnerable residents to ensure they had a happy Christmas. 
  • The remaining donations are being used to support projects and partners delivering in our communities including BEAMS, a disability support charity in Kent offering family advice, respite services and a retreat. 

Successful Tenancies

We also fundraise for projects that support the work of our Successful Tenancies team, and add value to our homelessness prevention work:

  • Settle – a programme supporting vulnerable young people moving into their first home.
  • The Catalyst Sector Challenge Fund – we have secured £30,000 to take part in this National Lottery funded programme to find digital solutions for challenges that have resulted from the pandemic. 
  • Love London Working (LLW)– our employment support programme for Londoners, funded by the GLA and the European Social Fund.

Hyde Charitable Trust

Some of the funding we secure is then distributed to our customers and partners through Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT) grants:

  • Battersea Power Station Foundation - in 2017 we received a donation to HCT to fund our Healthy Starts programme, tackling childhood obesity in Lambeth. 
  • Young Londoners Fund – this funding of £150,000 supports our Ambition 2020 programme – funding projects and partners working with young people in our communities and includes projects such as Estate of Mine.
  • The Big Half donations – donations from last year’s Big Half (where we received commitments of £41,000) are also being used to support our Ambition 2020 programme.

Lucy Norgate, Business Development and Fundraising Manager said: “The whole Hyde Foundation team has done a brilliant job with fundraising this year. Our programmes play a vital role in helping our customers and communities – whether it is helping young people into work or supporting communities throughout the pandemic.”

See the Hyde Foundation Strategic Plan (PDF, 2.53 MB) for more information.