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Hyde Plus - focus on people and places

Posted on 08 July 2016

The changes to Hyde’s pioneering community investment team are a result of major changes in the housing sector.

“A re-designed structure and programmes mean Hyde Plus will be better placed to focus on people and places with the greatest need and that present the most risk to the business,” explained Head of Hyde Plus Jahanara Hussain.

“By altering what we do, how we work and who we help, we will be able to maximise our impact” she added.

Hyde Plus is focusing on four core programme areas - Successful Tenancies, Successful Places, The Hyde Charitable Trust and Business Development and Fundraising. Services delivered through Hyde’s community centres will continue as usual for the time being.

Successful Tenancies

Building on the successes of the debt and money service, and of the Money House, this programme will reduce the chances of tenancy failure among Hyde’s higher risk residents. It will also reduce costs to the business and protect the most vulnerable.

Successful Places

This will deliver targeted partnership-based initiatives that benefit Hyde’s higher risk and high-need communities, focusing mainly on young and older residents who tend to be the most disadvantaged and present the biggest challenges for Hyde.

Hyde Charitable Trust

Hyde Plus will continue to support the Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT), focusing on raising income and developing new strategic grant-making partnerships. HCT will still offer individual grants, community grants and innovation grants, but these will be delivered and managed differently.

Business Development and Fundraising

This team will focus on income generation to grow core programmes and develop new ones. It will do this by working with staff, contractors, partners, supply chain and others.