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Hyde contractor volunteers inspire Lambeth’s next generation

Posted on 07 June 2019

As part of their commitment to deliver social value to the Kennington borough, community engagement specialists Victoria Adamson and Rosanna Giarraputo from Hyde’s decorating contractor Bell Group, spoke to 15 young people who took part in Spear’s Kennington employability programme. 

Spear Kennington is a local voluntary sector organisation that delivers training programmes focused on developing the professional and soft skills young people need to sustain long term employment. By taking part in the programme, young people meet professionals from different industries to learn about potential career opportunities. 

The Bell Group volunteered their time to share their employment journeys and career hints and tips. Natalie Nash, SPEAR lead coach at Spear Kennington said, ‘The trainees took a lot away from the afternoon, both from hearing about the contractor’s individual journeys as well as their reflections in response to their questions. They were particularly struck by the fact that they hadn’t landed their ‘dream’ job straight away.” 

The SPEAR Kennington centre is based on the edge of Hyde’s Kennington Park estate and benefits over 175 young people every year; 75% go  on to secure progressive employment opportunities. 

If you are interested in inspiring the next generation of professionals there will be future sessions until 12 July so please contact