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Housing day 2019

Posted on 08 October 2019

Today we celebrate Housing Day 2019. We are delighted to be supporting this event, which aims to celebrate the positive impact of social housing on people’s lives. This year’s theme is community investment, so we thought we would take this opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work that the community investment department Hyde Foundation do.

Hyde Foundation provide specialist advice and advocacy. The team creates value by enabling people to move out of crisis or by preventing them failing into crisis. We do this by giving greater levels of stability, through advice and support to individuals and communities.

Head of Hyde Foundation, Kerry Starling said: “We are dedicated to ensuring residents have greater levels of stability through offering advice and support individually and as communities.”

By working with a range of stakeholders, Hyde Foundation develop opportunities to raise funds for transformation programmes in higher need neighbourhoods. Last year the Hyde Charitable Trust (HCT) awarded 147 grants, benefiting 118 individuals and 29 organisations.

Support from the Hyde Foundation has succeeded in preventing a resident falling into crisis

A resident who had been helped to deal with rent arrears by his Successful Tenancies Money and Debt Adviser was referred to the Love London Working team to provide ongoing support to prevent future rent arrears.

The resident is an award-winning artist, but his large debts meant he was unable to buy the equipment and materials he needed to paint and earn money.

His Love London Working adviser helped the resident look at ways of increasing his income by showcasing his portfolio online and selling his paintings at art fairs. The resident was also supported to apply for a Hyde Charitable Trust Future Earnings Fund grant to pay for equipment and materials, so he could start painting again. The grant has given him the means to achieve a steady income which will help him clear his debts and, most importantly, stay in his home.