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Help someone sleeping rough in your area

Posted on 10 February 2021

Extreme winter temperatures can kill – what to do if you see somebody rough sleeping.

As more snow is forecast for the east and south-east of England, with severe weather warnings in force, our thoughts often turn to people rough sleeping. Sleeping outside is always dangerous, but extreme winter temperatures can kill.

If you become aware of people rough sleeping in or around Hyde estates (or anywhere) you can report this using StreetLink – a service connecting rough sleepers to local services. 

You can do this via the StreetLink website, app or phone: 0808 800 4444. If you make contact, do ensure you provide enough details to enable the local outreach teams to find people. Support will be provided to help these people access somewhere to sleep.

Sending StreetLink an alert about someone sleeping rough is the best way to connect that individual to the additional support available. The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) is now active. This means councils have opened emergency provisions to make sure people can be brought off the streets into somewhere warm and dry to stay. Information you provide in your alert is passed onto the outreach teams, who go out overnight to find and support people who are rough sleeping.

During the pandemic, Lambeth's StreetLink teams have already managed to get over 400 people into some form of temporary accommodation.

And, if we know it’s happening on Hyde estates and it gets reported, we can ask StreetLink for information on when they visited and what the outcome was. If it’s a persistent problem, we can then work with StreetLink and public protection to address the problem further.

There is a separate website for StreetLink London, which is supported by Mayor of London.