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Go Africa comes to Islington

Posted on 27 September 2021

Supported by the Mayor of London, ‘Go Africa’ is an African community-led cultural festival engaging with people through a series of workshops. Go Africa is a movement to encourage and inspire the African and Caribbean creative communities to come together to showcase talent, art, culture and education. It also provides wellbeing workshops to support young adults and children.

The Pilion Trust, based at our Ring Cross Estate, Islington, recently hosted a ‘Gi Africa, One Africa’ event. Highlights included stalls selling African and Caribbean food, face painting and art activities for people who wanted to take part in and embrace the African culture.

Maddassar Arif, Hyde’s Successful Places Projects and Partnerships Manager said:

“The Gi-Africa, One Africa event’s aim was to pass on knowledge and traditions to our next generation. The festival provided an opportunity to celebrate cultural history and to make more people aware of African and Caribbean traditions. The event definitely served its purpose of bringing happiness to our lives and strengthening our sense of community.”