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Cracking down on gang culture in Stockwell

Posted on 06 February 2018

Six tenants from the Stockwell Gardens and Studley Estates were served with notices of seeking possession, following a joint operation with the Metropolitan Police. The notices are the first step we can take in bringing legal action against individuals who have been making the local community unsafe through serious criminal activities.

Detectives in Lambeth Borough, supported by officers in the Larkhall Safer Neighbourhood team led a proactive police operation in the summer of 2017 to target drug supply and associated antisocial behaviour across the Stockwell Gardens and Studley Estates.

Police Constable, Antony Knapman, said: "The operation resulted in seven adult males and two juvenile males being convicted of multiple counts of supplying Class A drugs in the local area, the recovery of approximately £80,000 worth of drugs and custodial sentences ranging between 28 months to eight years in prison for all the adults involved. 

"We have worked very closely with Hyde’s antisocial behaviour team throughout this operation to successfully obtain criminal behaviour orders, banning these individuals from the Stockwell area, and Hyde is serving these notices to deal with problematic tenants permanently. The criminal group involved in the drug supply offences have been linked to serious offences involving knife and gun crime in London. By working in partnership, we are providing a long-term solution and one that the community of Stockwell will hopefully see the benefits of, for many years to come."

Nic Haig, ASB Service Manager, said: "Families have the right to live in a safe environment away from the threat of gang related crime. Hyde takes a zero tolerance approach to drugs and gang violence and will take all necessary steps to ensure this activity is removed from our estates. Our priority is the safety of our residents and their families. We are committed to working closely with our partners to address these issues and the work we have done and continue to do in the Stockwell area with the Police is a shining example of this."