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Celebrating the Olympics in Brent

Posted on 24 August 2016

The Jason Roberts Foundation held a two days Community Olympics to celebrate the opening of the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio De Janeiro.

More than 60 young people aged 10 to 18 joined the Foundation at Hyde’s Pavilion in Stonebridge, London.

Participants were divided into four different colours, assigned a team and each team than had to represent a country; Brazil, China, Italy and Great Britain.

Each day the young people competed in different sports, day one focused on team sports which included table tennis, tag rugby, golf and football.

Project Manager, Kwame Kumaning, said “Today has proven to be a fantastic day. Most of these young people have never tried other sports before so it was a great opportunity to introduce them to sports like tag rugby.

“It is important that we as a Foundation provide these opportunities for local residents in creating future Olympics champions. The next Usain Bolt or Mo Farah could be a local Hyde housing resident.”

Day two consisted of young people competing in 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and 4x100 relay with the addition of basketball.

Navel, volunteer and community champion, said “I’m really impressed with the attitude and behaviour shown by the young people, we definitely have amongst us some real great talent who if nurtured in the right way could potentially achieve great things.”

The Community Olympics ended with a medal ceremony, where the young champions were presented with medals for both team and individual performances.

Kasey, 14-year-old participant, said “I wasn’t sure about the Olympics theme at the Pavilion but I have really enjoyed it and it has been fun to try new things.”

Hyde work in partnership with the Jason Roberts Foundation who deliver a range of activities from the Pavilion, a community building in Stonebridge managed by Hyde.