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Tuesday 16 October 2018

We are aware there is a water issue at Laker court in Stockwell. We currently have specialist contractors on route to tackle the issues this evening. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We will update residents as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Please remember you can raise any non-emergency enquiry via our online contact us forms.


Building memories at Bermondsey Spa

Posted on 16 June 2017

On Saturday 10 June architects Levitt Bernstein, in partnership with us, created an interactive pavilion at Bermondsey Spa as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Taking inspiration from the ‘memory’ theme, the structure evolved throughout the day as visitors shared their knowledge and experiences of the area. People each took a ribbon, and walking through the pavilion, answered a series of questions by tying their ribbon at the relevant spots. Slowly, the ribbons built up; representing the way that we all build memories to tell a story about a place.

The regeneration of Bermondsey Spa saw the creation of 2,000 new homes; 40% of which are affordable and ultimately provide more people with a roof over their head so they can make a home. The works transformed the area into a highly desirable place to live, stimulating the local economy whilst maintaining its rich heritage.

This event allowed us and Levitt Bernstein to find out how residents feel about the neighbourhood and helped them understand how other people use the area – whether passing by or visiting local landmarks. It was clear from the array of multi-coloured ribbons how much Bermondsey has to offer and how much residents and visitors alike love the regeneration and what it has done for the community.