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A phone call to Hyde can save a life

Posted on 24 December 2019

Julie White, a 55-year-old Hyde resident from Bexley, had her fortune turned around with one phone call from Hyde Foundation – our community investment team.

After moving into her property in January, Julie found herself in rent arrears of nearly £300, as well as facing increasing debts of £10,000.

Her income officer referred her to Joseph Clark, a Money and Debt Specialist in our Successful Tenancies Team. Joseph successfully negotiated with Bexley Council for a discretionary housing payment (DHP) to clear Julie’s rent arrears. Bexley Council paid £539.55 towards her rent arrears, and her account is now in credit.

Joseph also advised Julie to apply for a debt relief order to clear her personal debts. Using a social value grant, the Foundation was able to cover the £90 administration fee. Julie’s debts were successfully cleared which has given her a fresh start.

Julie uses an electric wheelchair as she has EDS Type 3 (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and navigating around her home was a challenge due to worn carpets. Julie successfully applied to the Hyde Charitable Trust for a grant for new flooring to be installed in her home, meaning she can live safely and independently.

Julie said, “I can’t praise Joseph enough. What he has done for me is phenomenal. Who knew one phone call could change so much.”

Kerry Starling, Head of Social and Economic Investment, said, “It’s wonderful to know that one phone call has really turned things around for Julie, and that she can now look forward to the future. Well done to Joseph for all his hard work. His commitment to our residents makes me proud to work for Hyde.”

If you are struggling with paying your rent, please contact our income team for a referral to the Hyde Foundation. We will be able to help you, no matter how difficult your situation may be.