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Your home, your say

Posted on 11 February 2020

Our resident engagement team held four events as part of its strategy to meet face-to-face with customers more often.

The ‘Your home, your say’ events were held in November and December last year, to ask residents some key questions about our new 2020-23 resident engagement strategy and to get feedback on how they would prefer us to consult with them in the future.

“We recognise the importance of face-to-face contact with residents, having knocked on doors for Hyde Residents’ Eye inspections and through our local resident engagement recruitment events early last year,” said Robert Cooper, Resident Engagement Manager.

“We made the events as interactive as possible, with questions printed on posters for residents to write their comments on, which worked really well. The events were brilliant; a total of 102 residents attended and we identified 109 issues during the sessions. Taking time to sit down, listen and empathise with residents, and to give them information and support they need, really empowered them.”

How customers like to engage with us

Just over half of residents attending the events said they preferred to give us feedback face-to-face; a third said they preferred email and the remainder preferred to send us written feedback in the post.

We also asked about their preferences for engaging with us online; 65% who would go online to give feedback wanted a separate platform like the OAK, with the rest saying they would use social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, we wanted to know what would encourage residents to volunteer for our engagement activities: 43% said we should hold more face-to-face activities, such as focus groups; 30% thought incentivising and/or paying residents for their time was a good idea and 27% wanted more training to be made available.

The future

“Similar events will be a key feature in our new resident engagement strategy and as it’s clear from the feedback our customers want to see us more, which is key to connecting with them and to building trust,” Robert said.

Colleagues who volunteered their time found it insightful to hear directly from residents. Chantelle Simm, Property Manager said, “I really enjoyed the experience and found it really good engaging with residents and hearing their feedback. I think our customers really value face-to-face communication. I would love to be involved in future events.”

If you would like to get involved in future local events to have your say, please contact our resident engagement team.