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Our performance 2018/19

Posted on 06 June 2019

We are pleased to say that over the last financial year (2018/19) we have made some real improvements in the services we provide to our customers.  We monitor our performance on a monthly basis which means we can take immediate action when something needs changing and shape our services based on this data. 

At a glance

We’re determined to build more homes to help tackle the housing crisis. Last year we built 1,006 new homes and re-housed 1,147 families in our existing properties. We also invest in improving our existing homes for the people who live in them, completing 8,950 major works in customers’ homes. 

Complaints satisfaction last year was less than 50% but we have taken proactive steps to improve our complaints handling process by improving our communication with customers. We will continue to make improvements to our complaints service this year, including introducing a simpler 2-stage process. 

Scores for our repairs service have improved again this year (83.8%), that’s two years in a row and our ASB service also continues to be one of the most successful in the sector. We want this trend to continue. We recognise making services clearer and easier will help to improve your satisfaction and to reduce complaints. 

We are proud of the work of Hyde Foundation, which supports both successful tenancies and successful places. Last year we worked with more than 2,000 residents to stop them falling into arrears and helped people receive £2.7m in support and benefits. 

Following your feedback we have made our annual performance data more accessible and user friendly. For more information on how we performed last year please visit our 2018/19 performance page.