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Our new Social Value Procedure

Posted on 06 February 2018

We are taking a more strategic and collaborative approach to generating increased social value through our supply chain.

Social Value Adviser, Chichi Onyenemelu, explains: 'We have devised a formal system for requesting social value contributions from new and existing contractors that is simple, flexible and proportionate to the size of the contract. This is in line with both the needs of the organisation and the capacity and expertise of our contractors. Contributions are captured in an annual plan, which is regularly monitored.'

This approach to social value has been embodied in our new Social Value Procedure and has been built into the pre-procurement process. We are confident that by 2020, all our new contracts valued at £100k and above (over the term of the contract) will follow this process.

Chief Executive Elaine Bailey, is the corporate sponsor for the new social value procedure. She said: 'At Hyde, we are well aware that the Public Services Act (2012) requires organisations, such as ours that deliver public services, to consider how the goods and/or services they procure can be maximised to create additional environmental, economic or social benefits. However, this is not our main motivation. We are a dominant player in the housing sector with an ambitious development plan; and we have a strong supply chain underpinning our work to achieve our targets. I believe our organisation should use its influence to help generate further benefits from our suppliers, for the greater good of our residents and communities.'

Many organisations in our supply chain are already participating in our new social value process. These include: Acorn International, Hi-Spec, Gully Howard, Bell, SCCI Alphatrack, Purdy, Charlton Ross, Just Ask, Cleanscapes, Groundscapes and Axis.

ENGIE Group (formerly Keepmoat Regeneration) is one of our most active social value contributors and first to sign up to the new process. Within the last few months alone, ENGIE has:

  • Hosted a number of training programmes for residents (Health & Safety, First Aid)
  • Run two closed recruitment rounds for unemployed Hyde residents, leading to the recruitment of two more Hyde apprentices
  • Led on plans for the development of a new sensory garden in Lambeth
  • Refurbished the communal areas of a block in Sealand Drive, Rochester

More contractors from a wide range of mixed disciplines are signing up each week. We look forward to working with more of our supply chain to influence additional change and opportunities in the areas where we have a presence.

Contact Social Value Adviser, Chichi Onyenemelu on 020 8963 8566; for more information.