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Hyde launches new 30-year strategic plan: A great home for everyone

Posted on 29 April 2020

“In setting out a 30-year strategy, we are putting a stake in the ground,” explained Chief Executive Officer Peter Denton. “We want to continue to provide as many new homes as possible, and to continue to invest in our properties, so that our customers can live in modern, energy-efficient homes, where they do not have to worry about building safety.

“We also want to provide homes that meet people’s needs in the long term – whether they are just starting out, raising a family, or enjoying a long and peaceful retirement – giving customers greater mobility, so they can live in the most suitable home for them, depending on their stage in life.

“Having a long-term strategy demonstrates that we appreciate the scale of the challenges we face, from retrofitting thousands of homes to become zero-carbon and meeting higher building safety standards, to exploring new ways of raising the significant funding needed to continue to build more of the right homes, in the right places.”

Our core principles for 2050

We will:

  • Provide good quality, affordable rented homes and landlord services
  • Deliver great housing management, asset management and targeted specialist services, like tenancy support and debt advice, to those who need them
  • Be truly customer-driven, ensuring fairness and choice
  • Create greater customer mobility
  • Ensure homes are safe, decent and energy-efficient
  • Provide a mix of tenures to support successful mixed communities and placemaking
  • Become a catalyst for the development of new homes, the principle of ‘additionality’ will be central
  • Maintain our financial strength and stability
  • Take a long-term view of our homes, communities, and business – making sure we are here for good, and continue to deliver social value over the next 30 years.

 Find out more about the Strategic Plan 2050.