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Performance figures

We're not perfect but we aim to be as close to that as possible. Have a look at our figures and see how we're performing each month.

In the documents below you can find out how we perform in these three key areas: 

  • Customer care
  • Complaints
  • Repairs and maintenance 

You can read how we measure customer satisfaction

If you have any questions on our performance figures please contact us.  

Key performance figures

Our first nine months 2018/2019 at a glance (PDF, 39KB):

  • We built 760 new homes
  • 77% of you were satisfied with what your home looked like on the day you moved in
  • 47% of the homes we are planning to build are for shared ownership, rent or below market rents
  • We started work building another 1,773 homes
  • Hyde Foundation worked with over 1,500 residents to stop them falling into rent arrears and helped people receive £1.8m in support and benefits
  • We re-housed 930 families in our existing properties
  • We completed 5,850 major works in your homes (e.g. new kitchens and bathrooms)
  • 55% of you were happy with the way we handled your complaints
  • More than 10,000 shared your feedback on our service
  • 82% of you were satisfied with our services*
  • 83.5% of you were happy with our repairs service
  • 69% of you were satisfied with the way we handled antisocial behaviour case
  • Hyde Foundation worked with 3,853 young people to reduce antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood

*from an average of our transactional surveys

Our performance figures for 2017/18