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Hyde Rewards winners

From October 2017 onwards Hyde Rewards is open to all residents who stick to the terms of their tenancy agreement.  Each fortnight there will be a draw for two prizes: £500 and £250.

Hyde Rewards Pilot winners

Our last pilot winner on 18 September was a surprised Mrs L of Forest Hill, London who is planning how to spend her Hyde Reward.

Miss S of Sussex (10 July) said she would use her £500 windfall to take her little boy on holiday. Other winners from over the summer months included, Mr H (7 August) , Mr V (21 August) and Mr B (4 September) who was our first winner from Norfolk.

Each of them has won £500 from our fortnightly draw, Hyde Rewards, simply by ensuring they comply with the simple tenancy terms.

October 2017

The two winners of our 2 October draw were Miss H of Burgess Hill who was very pleased with the news, and Mr H of Chichester who takes homes £250.

Miss Y of Peckham who won the first prize of £500 on 16 October said: "You have made my day, this will really help with Christmas".  Miss C of East Dulwich was our £250 winner. 

Winners of the 30 October draw were Mr T of Croydon who won £250 and Mr B won £500.  

June 2017

In June we welcomed another winner from Chichester, Mrs C, (12 June), followed by Ms L of Brighton (23 June) who had previously updated her contact details via our simple online form and said she would use the money to celebrate her daughter getting a first.

May 2017

Mr A (2 May) from Kent (pictured) thanked our staff and advised he will be using the money to help with an overseas trip to visit his daughter.

Other May winners, both from London were; Mr Q (15 May) and Ms F (29 May) who said she would use the money to treat herself to a special holiday.


April 2017

Miss H (3 April) from London and Mr J from Hampshire (17 April).

Miss H (pictured) who was informed by our Customer Services team said “You are joking, you bring tears to my eyes. I am a lucky woman.”

March 2017

This month’s winner, pictured, (6 March draw) was Mrs P from Sussex who said ”I am really surprised, but the money will come in very useful.”

Ms K (20 March) from London has also has won £500 from our fortnightly draw, Hyde Rewards, simply by ensuring she complied with the simple tenancy terms.

February 2017

Mr A from Chichester (6 February draw) who said he was delighted with the windfall and Miss H, also from Chichester, (20 February draw) who said “you have made my day, really cheered me up. Thank you.”

January 2017

Our first ever lucky Hyde Rewards winners of £500; were Mr and Mrs A-S of Tonbridge and Mrs S from Chichester.

Mr A-S felt Hyde Rewards was an excellent idea for motivating residents to keep contact details up to date and keep their rent account in credit. Mr A-S, who contacted us to update his information earlier this month, was thrilled with his unexpected windfall and stated this would mean “an excellent start to the new year” for him and his family.

Mrs S, who had also recently updated her contact details via the online form, was our second lucky winner from the draw on 23 January 2017. She told the CS team, “You have made my day, I am still smiling now!”


Future winners will be announced on this page, following a confirmation call with our Customer Services team.

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