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Major external works are repairs, decoration, improvements or refurbishments that we need to carry out to keep buildings or estates in a good state of repair and to prolong their life. They don’t include things like internal decoration of a flat or house, which are the responsibility of individual customers.

Major external works are defined as those works where the cost being charged back to customers is more than £250 per home. We must consult with customers before works start, through the Section 20 process.

The Section 20 notice we send you will explain what work is planned, why it’s being carried out and the anticipated costs, and give you the chance to give us your opinions on the plans. You can find out more on our Section 20 page.

Stock condition surveys

Stock condition surveys we carry out on our buildings show us when we need to carry out this work, based on the age of the building or the building component (eg the roof, or communal doors and windows)

We have a five year major external works programme which is reviewed and updated every year with new information from the stock condition surveys. Nearer the time work is planned (about six to eighteen months before) we carry out a validation survey to check the condition of the building or building components, to see if the work is actually needed. If everything is in a good state of repair, then we won’t carry out unnecessary work.

Cyclical decorations

Decoration of communal areas and the outside of buildings (we refer to these as ‘cyclical’ decorations) is carried out on a seven year cycle. This work is coordinated with major external works, so we can make sure we carry out everything in the most cost-effective way.

Our 2021 major external works programme


GU27 3**, GU28 0**, GU28 9**, GU29 0**, GU29 9**, GU30 7**, GU31 5**, GU33 7**, PO10 8**, PO18 0**, PO18 8**, PO18 9**, RH14 0**, RH20 1**


BR1, SE12, SE13, SE14, SE15, SE23, SE26, SE3, SE4, SE6, SE8, SE9

Major external works will only be carried out at buildings within the named local authority area. Some postcodes listed above may have buildings that are outside the named local authority area, these are not included in the programme.

Our five-year major external works programme by local authority

External major works and decorations






Chichester DC

Adur DC

Brighton & Hove CC

Eastleigh BC

Ashford BC

LBC Lewisham

Arun DC

Chichester DC

Fareham BC

Canterbury CC


Chichester DC

LBC Greenwich

Huntingdonshire DC

Crawley BC


Dartford BC

Lewes DC

LBC Bexley

East Northamptonshire DC


Folkestone & Hythe DC

Peterborough CC

LBC Brent

Gosport BC


Gravesham BC

Sevenoaks DC

LBC Bromley

Havant BC


LBC Croydon

Swale BC

LBC Islington

Horsham DC


LBC Merton


LBC Lambeth

LBC Lambeth


LBC Southwark


Peterborough CC

Medway Towns


LBC Wandsworth


Southampton CC

Mid Sussex Dc


Maidstone BC


Winchester CC

Milton Keynes


Peterborough CC



Northampton BC


Tonbridge & Malling BC



Portsmouth CC


Tunbridge Wells BC



Reigate & Banstead BC





Tandridge DC





Waverley BC





Woking BC





Worthing BC

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a validation survey?

    Because we programme work based on the age of buildings and building components, we carry out validation surveys to check that work is actually needed (for example, despite the age of a building component, it may be in good condition and not need replacing). Validation surveys are carried out between six and eighteen months for work is planned.

  • Why do you only redecorate communal areas every seven years?

    We make sure the communal areas are well maintained, but because we may have to charge customers for decorating (where the cost is more than £250 per home), we need to ensure work is necessary, the costs reasonable and represent value for money. So, if communal areas are in good shape after seven years we won’t automatically redecorate them.

  • Do major external works include building safety work?
    No, we’ll let you know about building safety work separately.